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2tb Hardrives are on the horizon.

Engadget reports that Seagate has shown it’s new 2tb harddrive at CES.
“It’ll be out calendar Q3, which we take to be fancy schmancy business
talk for “this Summer.” Meanwhile, the 2.5-inch ES-less Constellation
line sports 3 Gbps SATA and SAS 2.0 interface. Look for this one in
160GB and 500GB sizes sometime this quarter, with Dell said to be one
the first companies to offer the drives.”

Head over to engadget.com for the full story.

AMD Phenom II @ 6ghz+!!

AMD’s latest Phenom II Quad Cores look to be an overclockers dream come true!¬† The guys over at physorg.com have posted an article about AMD’s latest 45nm cpu’s being over clocked to an insane¬† 6ghz+.

“AMD states that their design works flawlessly from -200C to +100C. Of course the average person is not going to have access to these kinds of cooling methods but the demo does demonstrate that the new Phenom II processors are scalable when it comes to clock speeds and quite stable at high frequencies. The Phenom II X4 scales much better than the original Phenom X4 processors, which is obvious as they showed overclocking on several different systems with numerous processors.”

Head over to physorg.com for an interesting read.